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Calisthenics is uniquely Australian and promotes teamwork, self-confidence and friendship. Team members develop an appreciation for music, dance, acting, strength, flexibility and performance skills. People of all ages enjoy this wonderful sport and thrive on the variety of challenges offered. The benefits of calisthenics are endless – lifelong friendships, confidence, poise, coordination, team spirit, mental alertness, fitness, muscle flexibility... the list goes on!

Calisthenics combines the best aspects of sport and the performing arts. As a sport, it encourages physical development, coordination, self-discipline and team spirit. As an art, it develops an appreciation of music, rhythm, the beauty of correct technique and the excitement of performing. The word calisthenics derives from the Greek words kalos, meaning beauty and sthenos, for strength. Calisthenics is a team sport in which pupils learn routines choreographed to music and present them on stage at competitions and concerts.

Here at Kallara Calisthenics, we strive for continued excellence through the correct teaching of Calisthenic technique in this uniquely Australian sport by fostering a sense of teamwork, confidence and commitment during classes. Our mission is to provide a variety of experiences in calisthenics, dance and drama. Kallara offers a wealth of experience for young people aged 4 years upwards and we are committed to providing a family-based, enjoyable and safe environment for all members, their families and our broader community.

Principal Coach and founder Katherine “Kay” Fishers’ vision of sharing her love of our unique sport have been realised. Her love of Calisthenics is contagious and is shown repeatedly throughout her musical choices, choreography and dedication. With over 45 years of experience in calisthenic competitions and teaching; a strong foundation and pool of knowledge paves the way for future generations of Kallara students.


We welcome all new pupils, whether beginner or experienced to our family here at Kallara Calisthenics, and welcome enrolments for 2022! We offer a complete range of classes for all age groups from Tinies through to Masters, all competitive. Don’t miss out on this exciting time for us!

Come and try one of our classes in 2022, with classes commencing this February in Beaumaris. Click here for details on our classes for 2022 or enquire about our Kallara family here.

Inspiring friendship, teamwork and performance.